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Fri, 2nd January 2015, 5:59pm

Congratulations on your new website

Hope to get along to your meeting in November,

Regards Ackie.

Ackie Green Lodge Seaforth 854.

Fri, 12th December 2014, 11:44am

I would like to be a full member.

John Henderson

Tue, 9th December 2014, 9:14pm (Fri, 12th September 2014, 9:14pm UTC-2113)

Well done WSW

Stuart Smith

Tue, 9th December 2014, 11:09am

A very interesting and factual read of the History of your lodge.Blown away by the number of Brethren that joined in the earlier days post 1st world war.
I wish you a long and happy future when you meet together.

Elaine Robertson

Sat, 6th December 2014, 10:29pm

Congratulations on your new website


Andrew McColl PM WSW Lodge Georgetown